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The Old Rectory, Kirkby in Ashfield

The gable end to The Old Rectory was covered in a harsh cement render that was beginning to crack and fail and was trapping moisture within the wall.

The render was placed at the time the west wing to the Rectory was demolished. The extension was built out from the lower section of the gable end and once this was taken down it left large sections of random rubble stonework, brickwork and coursed stonework exposed. This was when the cement render was placed to hide the scars.

Once all the old render was removed and the true shape of the wall revealed it became apparent, because of the very soft nature of the stone and brickwork beneath that a soft and highly breathable lime render was needed.

This consisted of a basecoat of sharp sand, lime putty and goat hair with a finishing coat of lime putty and sharp sand. Once complete it was finished with a decorative shelter coat of tinted limewash.

Because of the uneveness of the wall the new render in places had to be built up in sections to get it something near to a flattish surface however the contours of the wall were followed to give the beautiful appearance.

This new render provides a covering to the building that will help to protect but at the same time allow the building to breathe and shed trapped moisture. The soft lime render will also absorb any movement, either seasonal or otherwise.

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