Case Studies

Park Lane, Allestree

This old stone retaining wall was starting to buckle and groan under the stresses and strains of old age. It is probably holding back more earth than it was originally designed to hold. Things change over the years, and it was beginning to bulge and creep forward. It was only a matter of time before it became dangerous.

Each stone was individually and carefully removed from the wall and numbered. By numbering the stones it enabled us to re-build the wall exactly as it would have been. Each stone goes back into its rightful place in the wall. The back of the wall originally had been filled with rubble so this was removed and in its place we built a secondary concrete block wall to help retain the huge amount of earth behind. The stone wall was built in front of this, tied into the concrete blockwork and the cavity between filled with gravel to help drainage.

The stonework was laid on a hydraulic lime mortar and pointed once completely built with the same lime mortar mix. This gives us a uniform mortar colour throughout.

The original coping stones that were on the wall had mysteriously been laid upside down at some point (i wish old buildings could talk to you!) these were now laid the correct way round to finish off the wall. Back to its former and original glory.

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